Community Center
Rental agreement and Rental Rates


Hourly Rate Schedule
1 to 5 Hours  for $30.00
5 to 10 Hours for $40.00
10 to 24 Hours for $45.00

For *Kitchen use – add $20.00 to the hourly rate
*Kitchen use – defined as using the stove, and/or dishes, table service and electric appliances etc.


THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT made this ______ day of _______,  ______ by and between Howard Hall Association, (“Landlord”), and ___________________________ (“Tenant”), is made on the following terms and conditions:
Rental Agreement start date:__________, Time: _______am/pm –  To end date: ___________, Time: _______ am/pm

Minimum hourly Rent.  Tenant shall pay Landlord  the chosen “Minimum hourly Rent” in advance in the amount (s) set forth in the Hourly Rate Schedule hereof, without any deduction whatsoever.


5510 County Rd 45 in the city of Howard, CO 81233
To include the building consisting of approximately 1800 sq. ft, and parking areas appurtenant to the above property.



  • A rental security deposit of $25.00 is required, you may leave a check and when the hall has been inspected to the satisfaction of the Rental Inspector, by you and the Rental Inspector your check will be returned to you.
  • Commencement and Ending Date of Term. The term of this Lease and Tenant’s obligation to pay rent hereunder shall be described under “RENTAL AGREEMENT DATE (S)”.
  • Past Due Rent. If Tenant fails to pay any Rent within five (5) days from the date on which such rent is due, Landlord may impose, in addition to the unpaid amounts, a late charge penalty equal to 10% of the unpaid amount.  * Unless other arrangements have been made with the Howard Hall Association.

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