Community Center
PO Box 92
5510 County Rd 45
Howard, CO 81233

Howard Hall Association Community Center Rules & Checklist
Rules & Checklist Before & After Your Event:

  • A rental security deposit of $25.00 is required, you may leave a check and when the hall has been inspected to the satisfaction of the Rental Inspector by you and the Rental Inspector your check will be returned to you.
  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your event and given to the Howard Hall Community Center Reservation Personnel
  • Get the keys and go over the checklist with the Howard Hall Rental Inspector.
  • ***In the Power Breaker Box – When you are scheduled to use the Howard Hall, flip ON the water pump & water heater.
  • Check the Hall for any pre-existing damage, areas that are dirty, all appliances are in working order, etc.
  • The renter is responsible for all items, the association is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • No alcohol will be served.
  • Absolutely no smoking is allowed in the Howard Hall Community Center.
  • Maximum occupancy is 100 persons. The renter is responsible for following all maximum occupancy rules and will not allow more than allotted number of people into the Howard Hall Community Center.
  • Do NOT use tape, tacks, screws, staples or nails to hang your decorations as it will damage the wall & paint, Any damage caused by these items will be deducted from your deposit.
  • No glass bottles are permitted in the Howard Hall

Checklist for when your event is over:

Please leave the HH Community Center neat, clean and ready for the next event. After your event make arrangements to meet with the Rental Inspector and check the Community Center for any damage or areas that are not clean. Your deposit, or part of it, may not be returned if the condition of the Community Center is not acceptable them. Use this checklist to help guide you.

□        Pick up all food and decorations and dispose of if needed
□        Clean tables, fold and stack them
□        Clean chairs, fold and stack in the 2 front closets
□        Sweep and mop all floors in the hall
□        Remove all decorations
□        Clean Kitchen, including all kitchen appliances and utensils, return them where they were Found
□        Clean Bathrooms
□        Turn the heater switches (on the kitchen wall) in the off (down) position
□        Turn off all lights in the Hall
□        ***In the Power Breaker Box – Flip OFF the water pump & water
heater breakers only.

□        Lock all doors and close and lock all windows
□        All trash including trash from the restrooms and grounds outside around the community Center from your event must be removed by
you from the Howard Hall Community Center.
□        Return Howard Hall to a pleasant condition for the next event
□        Go over this checklist with the Rental Inspector and return all keys

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