The Howard Hall Community Center is a public building that is owned and operated by ‘The Howard Hall Association’ and is a Colorado registered Nonprofit Corporation that rents the Howard Hall Community Center to the public for public and private functions.

The Howard Hall Association was in the process of being organized in December, 1903, with the original Howard Hall building being dedicated in 1910 with Professor L.J. Morrison giving the dedication speech.

Since 1903 there have been many activities held at the Howard Hall. In November of 1914 a player piano was purchased for dances and the entertainment of other functions such as live plays and a masquerade ball, live plays were also held at Howard Hall Community Center. There have also been many programs put on by the ‘Western Fremont Historical Society’, birthday and anniversary parties, fundraisers for both nonprofit organizations and those in need, public dances, meetings of public, private and nonprofit organizations, classes for the public for exercise, dancing, health & fitness, CPR, fire safety, potlucks, club meetings, church services just to name a few.

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Credit for historical information was taken with permission from the “Western Fremont Historical Society” (WFHS) This and a lot of other information is available on a thumb drive that contains thousands of items that have been scanned in from 66 notebooks of information. This thumb drive can be purchased from the WFHS by contacting Janet Lastovica at 719-942-3409