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PC103 – Computer Security

By July 25, 2017Announcement

This FREE Computer class PC103 is the fourth of 6 classes that are going to be held at the Howard Hall. Listed below are the topics that will be covered in this fourth class. You can register online by following this link  or by calling Tom Kainz in Howard after 4pm at 719-942-4886.

  • PC103 – Computer Security
    • 8/29/17 – 6:00
    • It’s become sad that you must play “defensively” when using your own computer – but it’s a fact of life.  This is one of most important – if not THE most important module.  We’ll discuss not only the various software options available for protecting your computer but just as important – if not more so – we’ll be covering the “best practices” of computer use that can greatly help keeping you out of trouble in the first place.  We’ll be covering Antivirus and firewall software options, proper password use, computer encryption, email management and so on.
    • Registration: