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PC105 – Social Networking

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About this event:

Created by HHmasteradmin

Howard Hall 5510 County Rd 45 Howard, CO 81233

This FREE Computer class PC105 – Social Networking is the sixth of 6 classes that are going to be held at the Howard Hall. Listed below are the topics that will be covered in this sixth class. You can register online by following this link or by calling Tom Kainz in Howard after 4pm at 719-942-4886.

  • PC105 – Social Networking
    • 9/12/17 – 6:00
    • Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Linked-in, Foursquare, Tumbler… and the list goes on and on and on.  The number of ways to connect with people around the world increases almost daily.  This module will discuss some of the more popular social networking sites, how to join them and how to be wary of the pitfalls if you don’t use them wisely.