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By July 25, 2017
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Howard Hall 5510 County Rd 45 Howard, CO 81233

This FREE Computer class PC104 – The Internet is the fifth of 6 classes that are going to be held at the Howard Hall. Listed below are the topics that will be covered in this fifth class. You can register online by following this link http://tll.teknicalservices.com/events/the-internet-pc104/ or by calling Tom Kainz in Howard after 4pm at 719-942-4886.

  • PC104 – The Internet
    • 9/5/17 – 6:00
    • Accessing the Internet is the most popular use of the PC.  Whether researching homework, finding the best chocolate chip cookie recipe or even monitoring your home security system, almost everything done on the PC involves the internet to some degree or another.  We’ll not only explore our local options for obtaining Internet access but discuss the most common types of web sites, how to safely access and use them all the while being as safe as possible.
    • Registration: http://tll.teknicalservices.com/events/the-internet-pc104/