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PC101 – Windows 10 Basics

By July 25, 2017Announcement

This FREE Computer class PC101 – Windows 10 Basics Class is the second of 6 classes that are going to be held at the Howard Hall. Listed below are the topics that will be covered in this second class. You can register online by following this link or by calling Tom Kainz in Howard after 4pm at 719-942-4886.

  • PC101 – Windows 10 Basics
    • 8/15/17 – 6:00
    • We’ll start by reviewing the various options you have for choosing an operating system to run your computer.  Yes… Virginia… Windows is not the only game in town! Although Windows is not the only game in town, it is the most widely used so we’ll discuss the basics of getting around Windows to include how to run programs, how to switch from one program to another, basic Windows settings and how to start customizing Windows to better suit your needs.
    • Registration: